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Federal Officials

Marilyn Strickland, U.S. Representative, WA-10

State Officials

Sam Hunt, Senator, LD 22

Laurie Dolan, Representative, LD 22

Jess Bateman, Representative, LD 22 

Olympia City Council Members

Cheryl Selby, Mayor

Clark Gilman, Mayor Pro Tem

Jim Cooper, Councilmember 

Yến Huỳnh, Councilmember

Dani Madrone, Councilmember

Lisa Parshley, Councilmember

Dontae Payne, Councilmember

Olympia School District Board Directors

Maria Flores, President

Justin McKaughan, Vice President

Scott Clifthorne, Director

Darcy Huffman, Director 

Hilary Seidel, Director 

Former Elected Officials

Beth Doglio, Former Representative, LD 22

Fred Finn, Former Representative, LD 35

Karen Fraser, Former Senator, LD 22

Sam Reed, Former WA Secretary of State 

Holly Gadbaw, Former Olympia Mayor

Mark Foutch, Former Olympia Mayor

Curt Pavola, Former Olympia City Councilmember 

Jeannine Roe, Former Olympia City Councilmember 

Craig Ottavelli, Former Olympia City Councilmember


Arbutus Folk School

Artesian Rumble Arkestra

Ballet Northwest & Johansen Olympia Dance Center

The Bridge Music Project

Experience Olympia & Beyond

The Hands On Children's Museum

Olympia Artspace Alliance 

The Olympia Arts & Heritage Alliance

Olympia Downtown Association

Olympia Family Theater

Olympia Film Society

The Olympia Historical Society and Bigelow House Museum 

Olympia Little Theater

Olympia School District

Olympia Symphony Orchestra

Olympia Youth Chorus

PARC Foundation 

Puget Sound Estuarium

Skybear Media

Spokane Valley Performing Arts Center 

Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia 

South Sound Maritime Heritage Association

South Sound Reading Foundation 

String and Shadow Puppet Theater 

Thurston County Democratic Women 

The Washington Center for the Performing Arts 

and more!

Statements of Support - Organizations

"The mission of Olympia Artspace Alliance is advocating for live, work and exhibition space for Olympia’s artists. Inspire Olympia will expand our reach and our support for Olympia’s dynamic creative community through programs and outreach. We are excited about the possibilities, and happy to endorse this important effort." - Olympia Artspace Alliance

"With our experience producing the Olympia Harbor Days Festival over almost 49 years and more recently our participation in the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area program, we are keenly aware of the breadth and depth of the historical, artistic, and cultural roots of our area. We stand ready to assist in whatever we can to help this initiative succeed." -South Sound Maritime Heritage Association

 "The Olympia Arts & Heritage Alliance enthusiastically endorses the Inspire Olympia! initiative and efforts to increase access to arts, culture, heritage, and science experiences throughout our community. Our organization and  board members applaud the effort to expand these experiences to all people. Together we can create a stronger and more vibrant community." The Olympia Arts & Heritage Alliance

"We see great promise for the people of Olympia as a result of the Inspire Olympia! initiative and its support for the efforts of eligible non-profit organizations to build sustainability for ongoing cultural programs and to expand equitable access to public programs, increase opportunities in neighborhoods throughout Olympia, and expand educational options for youth." - Arbutus Folk School

"The recognition of creative economy as a driving force in economic and cultural recovery shows foresight and vision for the future growth and health of Olympia."                                 Dr. Marnie Rorholm/Valley Performing Arts Center 

Community Members

Greg and Krina Allison

Susan & Rob Ahlschwede

Janice Arnold

Jeff Barehand

Chris Barnes

Jill Barnes

Joseph Beaubien

Kelly Seago Beaubien

Patty Belmonte 

Julia Bloom 

Luke & Whitney Bowerman 

Allyson Brooks

Michael Cade

Reiko Callner

Margi Carlson

Samantha Chandler

Susan Christian

Nancy Connery

Holly Davies 

Jimmy Davies

Lee Doyle

Linda DuPertuis

Debe Edden

Anne Edge

Diana Fairbanks

Ann Flannigan

Jennifer Williamson-Forster

Rachael Fulginiti

Leonor Fuller 

Lucy Gentry

Kris Goddard 

Marygrace Goddu

Ruthann Goularte

Kelly Green 

Andrea Griffith

Greg & Sheila Griffith

Heather Grob

Steve Hall

Lorraine Hamilton

Milt Harper

Mary Beth Harrington

Audrey Henley

Jennifer Hermann

Ron Hinton

Tela Hogle

Toni Holm

Janae Huber

Joe Ingoglia

Tracy Jameson

Katy Johansson

Ken Johnson

Robert Kam

Paul Knox 

Elizabeth Lord

Jean Mandeberg

Damian Magista

Taz McBeth

Rachel McKaughan

Paris McClusky

Tara McQueen

Lea Mitchell  

Laurie Mott

Sharonne O'Shea

Daniel Pailthorp

David Paul

Miguel Perez-Gibson

Stephanie Perry

Keith Porteous

Lily Raabe

Holly Reeves

Richenda Richardson

Carol Riley

Dr. Marnie Rorholm

Nicole Rose

Jo’el Roth

Mike Ryherd

Dave Sederberg

Liz Selsor

George Sharp

Eli Sterling

Tim Stokes 

Jane Stone

Marsha Tadano Long 

Joe Tougas

Kris Tucker

Elaine Vradenburgh

Jessi Wasson

Stacey Waterman-Hoey 

Jason Weigold-Payne

Mimi Williams

Anne Wilson

Jocelyn Wood


Statements of Support - Community Members

"Art is Life! So proud to support INSPIRE OLYMPIA, and the powerful mission it represents! Grateful to call Olympia my home - a place and community that has inspired me for over fifty years running." -Janice Arnold

"Olympia is full of such creative people and organizations. With the city being given the Armory facility, it is perfect timing for all of us to get behind Inspire Olympia! and increase our support of Arts, Culture, Heritage and Science." -Rob and Susan Ahlschwede

"One of my incentives for moving to Olympia was the strength of its arts community. I have not been disappointed; this town has bright traditions in music, dance, drama and visual arts. That's because citizens here recognize the rich resources found in creative thinking and streaks of delight! Use this opportunity to preserve and enlarge those resources!" -Diana Fairbanks

"Arts, cultures and heritage make Olympia a great place to live. Cultural Access and Inspire Olympia are investments in what makes Olympia unique and wonderful. Thanks for your leadership. Let's make this happen!" -Kris Tucker

"The strength of Olympia's arts community is a large part of what originally brought us to the area. I'm excited about Inspire Olympia! and strongly support this initiative to improve cultural access and celebrate diversity through support of local nonprofit arts, science, culture, and heritage programs." -Chris Barnes

"Inspiration does exist….but it must find you working- Pablo Picasso We can do this Olympia! Lets increase access to the arts for all our residents and reduce the barriers due to poverty, isolation, disability, or bias. - Miguel Perez-Gibson

"I know that access to the arts saves lives, brings people together, and makes life worth living.   I am excited to see our arts scene flourish and thrive with this infusion of money!"       - Samantha Chandler


Inspire Olympia
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